The Sabah Society was founded in 1960 by a group of enthusiasts eager to record and preserve interesting and important aspects of the history, culture and natural history of Sabah which might be lost in the increasing surge forward towards modernization and independence. The objectives they set out remain the same today, and are:

  • To stimulate a wider interest in, and knowledge of, all aspects
    of Sabah’s diverse natural and cultural heritage,
  • To encourage and assist their documentation, and
  • To help preserve and conserve important examples of Sabah’s natural and cultural heritage.

These objectives give the Society a wide base to accommodate the specific interest of anyone who wishes to share or improve their knowledge of Sabah. Among the notable achievements of The Sabah Society and its members have been the establishment of the Sabah Museum and the Sabah Parks.

Today, the Sabah Society is recognised as an important non-governmental organisation promoting the conservation of Sabah’s natural and cultural heritage, and advising the State Government on such matters.


To fulfill our objectives, the Society organizes activities for members and the public through the following:

  1. Meetings and public talks are held at which experts, both local and visiting, are invited to speak on topics relevant to Sabah or the study of disciplines applicable to Sabah.
  2. Expeditions and field trips are organised to places of interest on history, culture or natural history usually over
    weekends and public holidays
  3. An e-journal is published usually once a year containing articles written on topics relevant to the objectives.
  4. Monographs and books are published as suitable material and funds become available.

Personal membership is open to all who are interested in the objectives of the Society and wish to know more about Sabah.

Institutional membership is also available to schools, colleges, government departments, agencies or companies that wish to assist the Society in achieving its objectives, and to obtain copies of its publications.

Members with paid-up subscriptions are entitled to a free copy of the Society’s Journal published annually, and newsletters, which are funded in part by members’ subscriptions.

Anyone may submit articles for publication in the Journal as long as they are relevant to the objectives of The Sabah Society.