TSS Talk: Tues, 27 Nov 2018 – Wireless telegraphy in British North Borneo

Date: Tues 27th Nov 2018

Time: 8.00 pm

Venue: The Sabah Society Secretariat, Damai Plaza, Luyang

In these days of high-speed internet and mobile telephone technology, the ability to communicate is taken for granted, even in Borneo. Few people could now imagine living in a world where the only means of communication was by the exchange of letters carried by steamships. The talk will enlighten us on the development of communications in Sabah from the overland telegraph lines, built with great difficulties and expense through the forests of the interior to connect the East Coast to the West Coast, and via the submarine cable in Labuan, n later its replacement with wireless technology in 1915; it also covers the Second World War, its destruction and postwar restoration. The talk will also reveal the stories of passionate men behind the radio network of British North Borneo.

Speaker: Uwe Aranas was born in Heidenheim, Germany. He first visited Sabah in 2009 and lost his heart to the country and its history. Since then, he has regularly visited Sabah and teamed with other North Borneo enthusiasts, among them Ross Ibbotson, who became his spiritus rector and editor of his first book on North Borneo history. His research for the book  “The History of Wireless telegraphy in British North Borneo”  began in November 2015.

Kindly please contact us at tel: 088 – 250 443 or leave a message/ whatsapp at 013 – 880 9850 or email us at sabahsoc@gmail.com for more information on the talk.

We welcome everyone to attend our talks regardless of member or non-member.

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