TSS Sandakan Branch – Lankayan Island trip 30th May to 1st June 2014

Lankayan 2014 FlyerDear all,

For the month of March, we won’t be having any activities but then I would strongly advice you to keep a look out for our emails as for the month of April, May and June we have a series of talks and field trips lined up to stimulate a wider interest in, and knowledge of, all aspects of Sabah’s diverse natural and cultural heritage.
One of the things we have planned for June is the Lankayan Field Trip during the Harvest Festival!
When we talk about island trips, one thinks about crystal clear water and the myriads of amazing marine life that one can observe.
Well, Lankayan has all that but what makes it interesting is that the island is actually part of the Sugud Island Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA), alongside Billiean and Tagaipil. Together these 3 islands make up the 46, 317 hectares areas allocated for coral reef and marine life conservation. SIMCA is listed as Category II under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 2013, the Sugud Islands Marine Research Centre was established by Sabah Parks, Reef Guardian and Cardiff University to further enhance the research and conservation of marine ecosystem of the area. (Attached is a news report on the event, borneoinsider.com-Sugud_Islands_Marine_Research_Centre_set_up)
During this trip, aside from sunshine, beaches, swimming and photography, we are going to learn more about the island and the ongoing conservation efforts conducted. A representative from Reef Guardian will be giving us a talk on the night of 30th May. It would not just be a time of knowing more about Sabah but also what are the efforts made in conserving our natural heritage and how you can help in this.
Do take note, places are limited.
Branch Secretary

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