TSS Sandakan Branch – AGM 2016, 28th Feb 2016 (Sun) @ 2.30pm

Dear all,

It is the time of the year again! Yes… AGM and so? Your presence matters! You see every single year AGM is not just a time for fellowship but also a time to elect the new committee! Your presence would not only help us to achieve the quorum needed to conduct the AGM but it will encourage the current serving committee as well!
We will be holding our AGM this Sunday, 28th February 2016, details are as follows:
Time: 2.30 p.m.
Venue: Pavilion Hotel, Mile 7.
Last year, there was less outing due to security reasons and weather factor, as at least 2 island trips were canceled and 1 forest trip postponed. However, no worries this year we have more in stored! We will be going out to the forest in March, a weekend trip away, further details will be shared during the AGM.
So what will you get by coming to the AGM? Apart from listening to reports, looking through the financial report and electing the new committee…. you will get free books! Well if you win the lucky draw of course…… We have 3 titles ( 5 books in total) to be given out and they are as follows:
1. Sandakan Rainforest Park
If you have been to the Park (also known as Kebun Cina), you might want to know more about the place. It is not just a park with a playground, a tower, a trail and that is about it, but it is an area that has a history of being the place where some of the Hakka people first settled and many natural wonders as well. What one see is only a portion of the park, if you want to know more about the whole area, this is a book to refer to. You will be surprise by the diversity present in the area.
2. The Network of Protected Forests in Telupid
If you are wondering whether there are any other forests within the Telupid area, well this is the book for you. Although some of the terms used in the book is a bit technical but I must say this is a must have book in your collection. As in any standard Forestry publication, it describes the plants, wildlife, insects diversity that are present within the area.  It also has a wonderful chapter on the endemic plants that can be found within the network, 163 plants are recorded to be endemic to Borneo, where of these 46 are confined to Sabah and 5 are only found within that area. If you are crazy about beautiful pictures, the book has lots of really nice pics as well!
3. Discovering the Insects of Heritage Amenity Forest Reserve, Sandakan
Am sure we gave out a few copies of this book, I have to recommend it again. For those who are not insects lover like myself, may be this book will change your perspective about the little critters. Unlike my collegue, I won’t say that they are cute, however I must admit that from a certain perspective they are very interesting and certain cases very smart as well, an example is the fig defoliator.
Therefore, you must come for the AGM! Even though you might have all 3 books in your collection, why not come and try to win another one copy and give it to your love ones and friends? What better gift is there than a book about Sabah?
Look forward in seeing all of you and as usual, we are opened for renewal of membership; new membership application and change of email address.
Eyen Khoo
Branch Secretary

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