TSS KK Talk: Moths of Borneo – Wed, 6th May 2015

DSC01241 copyExactly 40 years ago Dr Sutton sat on the banks of the great Congo River, powered up the genset he had brought from the UK and switched on the first mercury vapour lamp ever to be used for insect trapping in Central Africa. What he found was far beyond his expectations — hundreds of species and thousands of individual moths of the Superfamily Pyraloidea. When he moved his research from Africa to Borneo in 1978, Stephen found the same astonishing species diversity on this island, too.

“So a 40-year journey of moth research from the Congo to the Kinabatangan (via Panama, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, Danum Valley and Mount Kinabalu) is nearing its end — and the Sabah Society and the public will be the first to hear of it.”, says Dr Sutton.

In the 1970s–80s Stephen helped organise several of the UK’s major expeditions to the tropics, including those of Raleigh International. He lectured in ecology at the University of Leeds for 25 years and then became Research Coordinator for the Southeast Asia Rainforest Research Programme based at Danum Valley, a highly successful joint operation between Yayasan Sabah and the Royal Society of London. Dr Sutton retired from this position after 10 years and he is now working with the Institute of Terrestrial Biology and Conservation of UMS on the Pyralid Moth project. He has worked with Sir David Attenborough on several TV programmes and was a regular radio broadcaster in the UK on natural history topics.

This illustrated talk by renowned ecologist/entomologist Dr Stephen Sutton on “A New World of Moths Explored across Three Continents” is at the Society’s Secretariat in Damai Plaza Phase 4, Luyang on Wednesday, 6th May at 7.30 pm.

Do call us at +6088 – 250 443 or email us sabahsoc@gmail.com for more information.

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