TSS KK Talk: Lightup Borneo – Friday, 30th January 2015

LuB1-300x300Who We Are? Our Purpose?

A group that promotes access to electricity and lighting in Borneo’s vast interior where such basic amenities is absent in significant proportion. We believe lighting and electricity can help widen access to information and promote better understanding of people’s rights.

How We Do:

Micro- and pico-hydro generators have been used to generate electricity.  Strong water flow from large diameter PVC pipe (tapping river water) rotates turbine wheel (usually Pelton turbine is used) and generates electricity.  8 units of micro-hydro generator have been installed in Borneo since 2010 with 3 units completed in co-operation with Barefoot Mercy. Besides that, 4 units of pico-hydro generator with an output of 0.5 kW have been installed. By the end of year 2013, 10 more units would be installed!

A floating hydro generator has also been installed in Long Pasia. A series of testing and improvement works are being carried out in the meantime. If succeeded, it would become the first working floating hydro generator in Malaysia.

This talk will be presented by the Founder of Lightup Borneo, Mr Ong BK himself.

Date: Friday, 30th January 2015

Venue: The Sabah Society Secretariat, No 46 Block E, Damai Plaza Phase 4, Luyang, KK

Time: 7.30 p.m.

Do call us at +6088 – 250 443 or email us sabahsoc@gmail.com for more information.

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