TSS KK Film Night: Sat, 12th May 2018 – Enid


2009    |     UK        |          Drama

Synopsis: Born in 1897, Enid Blyton begins to tell stories to her brothers as an escape from their parents’ rows before the father deserts the family. Whilst training as a teacher after the Great War she sends her stories to publishers, one of whom, Hugh Pollock, takes her on and also marries her. They have two daughters but Enid is a terrible mother, yet she, ironically, bestows treats on anonymous children who worship her for her stories. Enid uses the children as emotional blackmail to get a divorce.  After World War Two she is as popular as ever and will carry on, adored by children who do not know her true nature, for another twenty years and her death in 1968.

Director:  James Hawes

Awards:  Emmy for Best Actress

It’s on the Saturday, 12th May  2018 at  the Secretariat Office, Damai Plaza. The movie will start at 8.00 pm sharp. [ Approx screening time: 1H 22M ]

For non-members, a  nominal fee of RM10 will be charged as a one-night membership to The Sabah Society and for current members of the Sabah Society, the usual contribution to the Magic Box will assist in covering costs.

For further information, please contact The Secretariat on 088-250 443 or email at admin@thesabahsociety.com

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