Book launch and talks

1. There will be a talk on “Ivory, Horn and Blood: Behind the Elephant and Rhinoceros Poaching Crisis” by Dr Ronald Orenstein this coming Monday, 10th Mar 2014 at 7.30 pm. It will be held at The Sabah Society Secretariat.

2.  The Sabah Society is glad to welcome again Lord Cranbrook to give a talk on his upcoming new book ” Swiftlets of Borneo (2nd Edition) “.

Lord Cranbrook will describe some of his shared adventures while gathering the information in Swiftlets of Borneo (2nd edition), and will also look forward to future research topics in the study of these fascinating birds. Copies of the new, revised edition will be available for sale and signing. The talk will be held on Tuesday, 11th Mar 2014 at 7.30pm

at The Sabah Society Secretariat.

For more information, kindly please contact Monica at 088-250443










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