Book Launch – “Beautiful Mountains of Sabah”

The members of Sabah Society are cordially invited to the launch of the book “Beautiful Mountains of Sabah”, the photo competition prize presentation and exhibition on 24th September, 2010, @ 4.00pm at Palm Square, Centre Point Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu.

Attached a copy of the launching program for your reference. This occasion will be graced

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Forthcoming Talk – Tawau: The Making of a Tropical Community – Thurs 1st July, 2010

Ken Goodlet, author of the soon to be published book “Tawau: The making of a Tropical Community”, will be presenting a talk to the Sabah Society on the same subject at 19:30 on Thursday 1st July at the Secretariat.

Please find below a synopsis of the talk in his own words.

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Forthcoming Talk – Wed. 9th June, 2010 – The Individual and the Environment

Mr. Joseph Lee will present a talk on “The Individual and the Environment” to the Sabah Society on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:30pm at The Secretariat

Mr. Lee is a Sabahan and a graduate of Lancaster University, UK. Mr. Lee will talk about recycling and the contribution each individual can make to cleaning up

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Review: The Kadayan – Dr Amde Sidik

After a troublesome start to the presentation because of technological problems, Amde Sidik, a prominent Kadayan, gave a talk about his people – not the one he had planned to give, but no less interesting for that.

The Kadayans, a gentle, rather shy people, are to be found in Borneo; in the areas of Sabah

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“Sabah: The Gourmet Chocolate Capital of the World” – Tues 14th July 2009

Dr Douglas Furtek, the Biotechnology Specialist at the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) , will discuss in layman terms the creation of Malaysian Signature Cocoa and the consequences for Sabah. The future is indeed spectacular for cocoa in Sabah.

Dr Furtek has advised he will be bringing samples of chocolate, cocoa beans, and if able to,

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Vol 26 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2009)

This issue of the Sabah Society Journal presents six articles covering a range of subjects and interests. P.S. Shim, a regular contributor to our Journal on topics of local and native history, provides an interesting account of the well-known Arabian traveller Ibn Batuta’s voyages in South East Asia.

Stephen Sutton in a comprehensive commentary on

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