KK writers group monthly gathering: 14th Sept 2017, Thursday

Dear friends,

The September meeting of the KK Writers Group is at 7.00pm on Thursday, 14 September.  As usual, it will be at The Sabah Society in Damai.
The cost is RM10 and the meeting is open to everyone.
Johann Kassim will be following up his last interesting workshop. Here is Johann’s updated programme:
Introduction: Meditation and Setting the Scene on Thoughts and the mind being the enemy of creativity and that it must go for creativity to set in. Mindful breathing for 5 minutes or so and a little experiment again into wrong beliefs and the gap of those beliefs being the beginning of creativity.
Introduction to Stocrynyms: Stories From Acronyms. The value of diversity. Three languages is all that’s needed to begin. This is a mystery. Will explain the method to madness on the day itself. It’s my best kept secret for this game. The Process of Acronym making, being the foundation of a story title.
The Story-Board: Literally a Boardgame – Will give backstory to the creation of Stocrynyms in December 2007.
Division of groups at Random based on numbers 1 – 6. Each is a category
Let’s Begin Playing Stocrynyms: Group Discussion to make a story similar to Wordination
Writing the stories
Sharing the stories
Stocrynyms Feedback: Why higher? Why lower?
End with another session of Wordination if we have time.
Sounds like fun!

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