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The 2015 issue of The Sabah Society Journal is now available at the Secretariat. This issue brings you six articles within Sabah context from Sabah’s notable researchers ranging from the recent Kinabalu earthquake, community health issue, turtle sex, wild swiftlets and pioneering publication of moth taxa.
  • Felix Tongkul – The 2015 Ranau Earthquake: Cause and Impact
  • N.J. Pilcher, D. Pilcher, F. Pilcher, J. Williams and M. Bassa – Changes in Sex Ratio among a Foraging Population of Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) at Mantanani, Sabah, Malaysia: Implications for Sea Turtle Management
  • Melanie Bish, Marleigh Andrews, Tiana Bell, Dimity Goodwin, Elizabeth Lehman, Phoebe Maude, Jade Northcott, Michaela Pulman, Sophie Shewell, Karly Wappett and Cassandra West – Advancing the Health Profile of Indigenous Communities in Sabah: A Community Health Project
  • Kevin Smith – The Liwagu Valley Track: A Reply to The Sabah Society
  • Saul Mallinson, Hester Odges, Chin Chiwon and Earl of Cranbrook – A Brief Account of the Present State of Birds’ nest Caves and the Conservation Status of Edible – nest Swiftlets in Sabah
  • Stephen Sutton and Lim Kooi Fong – A New World of Moths Explored across Three Continents
Members who wish to collect the printed journal (1 copy) may contact the secretariat or if you prefer a digital copy please do verify your email with the secretariat as well. Additional printed copy is available for purchase at RM60 (member price) and RM80 (non-member price).
IMPORTANT Announcement!: The next issue of the journal shall be provided for free to all subscribed members as a digital copy only. Printed copy of future journals will be available at cost and require advance reservation for members. This is due to the rising cost of publishing hardcopies as well as postage for overseas members.
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