Vol 25 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2008)

  • Dr. Lim Pitt Ken and Nicholas K.M. Tan – The North Borneo Picture Postcards of Philippe B. Funk of Sandakan.
  • Lavernita Allysa, Pedro Bingku, Maxentius Donysius and Darrel Webber – Funding Conservation Efforts through Voluntary Conservation Levy (VCL) By WWF-Malaysia’s Kinabatangan-Corridor of Life Project.
  • Joannie Jomitol, Kertijah Abd. Kadir and Azlin B. Awang – The Potential for Using Wild Strangler Fig Seedlings in Wildlife Habitat Restoration Projects in Kinabatangan.
  • J. Quentin Phillipps – Status Changes of Two Sabah Birds.
  • Tan I, Ho Wei Loon, Heng Hong Lee, Liew Yan Choon, Tan Joon Sheong, Tan Pei Pei and Ho Coy Choke – The Rich Biodiversity in Ulu Padas, Sabah: A Case Study for Bioprospecting and Conservation.
  • S.H. Foo, S.H. Puah, S.M. Ong, C.S. Hew, K.H. Mak, I. Tan and C.C. Ho – Screening for Inhibitors from Actinomycetes and Myrmecodia tuberosa in Ulu Padas, Sabah against Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphatases, and Ras/Raf Interaction in Yeast and Isocitrate Lyase in Mycobacterium.
  • Wilfred Tok – The Sport of Climbing.

2 comments to Vol 25 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2008)

  • Alexander Yee

    Dear Sir

    As a life time member, will I be able to pick up my copy of the journal from the office? I have stopped receiving them for quite some time now. Thanks

  • Peter Pike

    Hi Alexander, you can collect your copy of the journal from the Secretariat. Just contact Veronica at the office number listed on this site.

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