Vol 20 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2003)

  • Ross Ibbottson – Domesticated Elephants in Borneo.
  • Shim P. S. – Another Look at the Bornean Elephant.
  • Jojo M. Fung – The Muruts: Spiritual World, Rituals and Shamanism.
  • Shim P. S. – Life and Times of Datu Menteri Babu.
  • Stephen Chia and Peter Koon – Recent Discovery of an Ancient Log Coffin In Semporna, Sabah.
  • Stephen Chia – Obsidian Sourcing at Bukit Tengkorak, Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Caroline Pang – Creating a Conservation Vision for the Kinabatangan: A Corridor of Life.
  • Letters to the Editor
    • Who Was J. Valera? (P.S. Shim).
    • Who Was Johanna? (P.S. Shim).

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