Vol 23 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2006)

Table of Contents

  • Tan Sir Datuk Seri Panglima Simon Sipaun – Has SUHAKAM made a Difference in the State of Human Rights in Malaysia?
  • Richard Nelson Sokial – The Tambunan Bamboo House in Local and national History.
  • Danny Wong Tze Ken – The Kinabalu Guerrillas in Local and National History.
  • Annadel S. Cabanban, Rebecca Jumin, Lanashree Thandauthapany and Rahimatsah Amat – Balambangan Island: A Treasure Trove of Endemic Species.
  • Anna Wong – The Current Status of Biodiversity Conservation in Sabah: Issues and Challenges.
  • Marja Azlima Omar, Ramli Dollah and Fazli Abdul Hamid – The Flow of Goods and Remittance in Sabah: An Overview.

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