Vol 26 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2009)

This issue of the Sabah Society Journal presents six articles covering a range of subjects and interests.  P.S. Shim, a regular contributor to our Journal on topics of local and native history, provides an interesting account of the well-known Arabian traveller Ibn Batuta’s voyages in South East Asia.

Stephen Sutton in a comprehensive commentary on the Copenhagen Climate Conference analyses its failures and achievements and also their implications for Sabah.  His incisive closing comments that a world civilization based on nation-states may prove inadquate for tackling global issues such as climate change should provide food for thought.

Ditch Townsend, in a short article, gives us a glimpse of seven possibly new fish species that have been sighted in the waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The new finds await final taxonomical classification.

Danny Wong delights us with his racy account of the early history of horse-racing in Sabah.  He also traces the history of using ponies on ceremonial occasions to the colonial era.

The paper by Eric Wong on the first ever ascent of Kinabalu from the north in 1988 is important for it is also the first recorded account of this important milestone in the climbing history of Sabah’s iconic mountain.  The challenges faced by Eric and his small band of intrepid climbers in this uncharted territory should provide an impetus for more such expeditions to the largely unexplored northern side of Kinabalu.

Ho Coy Choke and his team provide us data on their research on the diversity of actinomycetes and microfungi in soil samples obtained from the pristine forests of Danum Valley.  Although this paper is very technical and may not interest the average reader, its findings would be of great value to researchers in the pharmaceutical industry working on antimicrobial and anti-cancer drugs.  It is for this reason that the editors decided to publish the entire information including the soil sample data.

The Society remembers Dr Andrew Bacon, a long time member who passed away on 11 December 2009 after a protracted illness.  Dr Bacon served the Society as a committee member and in other capacities.

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