Vol 19 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2002)

Yamamoto Hiroyuki – Sports, Beauty Contests and The Tamu Besar: the origins of Harvest Festival in Sabah (North Borneo). Christine Chong – The Sad Case of Robert Burns-his life and end in Borneo. James Sarda – Last of the Bobohizans. K. Ravi Mandalam – Mount Tambuyukon, Sabah’s mystery mountain. Fung Tzee Ping – The

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Vol 18 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2001)

Allen R. Maxwell – William Hood Treacher’s 1884 Brunei salasilah. Chin Shui Hiung – In the Footsteps of Sir Hugh Low.

Vol 17 – The Sabah Society Journal – (2000)

The year 2000 marked the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of The Sabah Society. By some standards this is not a very long time, but for the State of Sabah forty years constitutes a considerable proportion of its history. The State’s independence, and entry into Malaysia, came three years later than the formation of the

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