Party of the year!

Hi everyone! The Sabah Society has lined up 2 esteemed speakers for our party. Stella and Chloe will share the role Sabah Society has played through the ages, and it will be lively and interesting! After the talk, there will be fellowship and merry making, so bring your signature dish to add to the

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TSS KK Talk: Thur, 18th Jan 2018 – TMBT Ultra trail running in Sabah

Our first talk for the year 2018!

Date/Time: 18 January 2018, 7.30 pm

Summary: The talk will take us through a picture journey from the onset of adventure racing and trail running in Sabah till present day with the TMBT being Malaysia’s original and premier Ultra-Trail Marathon. The talk will touch on the particular

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TSS KK Talk: Wed, 29th Nov 2017 – Illegal trade of sun bears in Malaysia

Sun bear is totally protected species in Malaysia with their population and numbers in the wild threaten by habitat lost, hunting and poaching, illegal trading for pets and body parts, road killed, and human-wildlife conflicts. After 50 years of deforestation across Southeast Asia, Malaysia included, the remaining wild sun bear populations face enormous threats from

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TSS KK Talk: Wed, 22nd Nov 2017 – Roles of the Wildlife Rescue Unit( WRU) in Managing Human Elephant Conflict in Sabah.

Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit plays an important role in managing Human Elephant Conflict in the state of Sabah alongside its conservation partners. This includes translocation and control of ‘displaced’ elephants, rescue of sick, injured adult and/or separated baby elephants followed by providing 24hours husbandry care of the rescued individuals. Beside that, WRU

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TSS KK Talk: Thur, 26th Oct 2017 – Borneo’s Endemic Inland Fishes by Dr. Tan Heok Hui

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To date, more than 600 species of fish have been documented from inland waters of Borneo. Of these, around 50 % are endemic to Borneo. State and Province tallies will be analysed. Species representatives will be presented to showcase the diversity, which is closely linked to habitat type. The speaker

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SPECIAL SCREENING + TALK: Tues, 17th Oct 2017 – A glimpse into the remote corners of Kinabalu by Dr. Ravi Mandalam

Dear all,

Please be informed that there will be a change of programme for the upcoming film night. This is in response to the request by several members who missed the film and talk during the recent Borneo Eco Film Festival, details as follows:

SPECIAL SCREENING + TALK Date: 17 October 2017 (Tuesday) Time:

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TSS Forum: From Huagong to citizens of Sabah by Prof. Danny Wong, Thur 7th Sept 2017

Block your calendar on Thursday, 7th Sept 2017 at 7.30pm. Free admission. It will be happening at the Grand Ballroom, Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa. More details will be out soon.

For logistics planning purpose, you may register here

Dr. Elaine Kong

President 2017-2018

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TSS KK Talk: Wed, 16th Aug 2017 – Borneo Beads Today by Heidi Munan

Main categories of beads as they are used in Borneo: BEADWORK, VALUE/HEIRLOOM BEADS and MAGIC BEADS. A look into the history of beads. Where is this bead from — How did it reach Borneo? How old is this bead? When is a fake not a fake? and finally Why collect beads?

Heidi Munan, Hon. Curator

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TSS KK Talk: Fri, 14th July 2017 – Buwas Kuning, Food and Identity of Sama-Bajau of Msia and the Philippines

Rice is not just a staple food among the Sama-Bajau. It also has an important role as a ritual paraphernalia in the performance of several religious ceremonies such as magomboh, magpaii-bahau, magduwata, magkoktaun, pitobotangan and kanduli. In the ceremonies, rice is deliberately coloured with turmeric and is called buwas kuning. It is prepared according to

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TSS KK talk: Tues, 11th July 2017 – The Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit

The Wildlife Rescue Unit was created in 2010 by the Sabah Wildlife Department on the need to respond to the ever increasing human wildlife conflicts. Since then to this date, the WRU has been assisting the Sabah Wildlife Department on rescue, translocation, enforcement, research, awareness and few more activities for wildlife conservation. This June 2017,

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